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Chapter 146 Resurrection of Three Sabers, the Beginning of Training!

Chu Feng was completely stunned.

Walk through ten thousand mountains, and read all kinds of techniques!

These few simple words contained an unparalleled dominance.

As the ancients had said, reading tens of thousands of books and traveling tens of thousands of miles would make one exhale the dirt in one’s heart and turn one into a saint!

This was a confidence that came from within!

If he really mastered all the endless saber techniques here, Chu Feng could be sure his saber would definitely undergo a qualitative transformation.

There was excitement in his eyes.


Invincible! It was indeed a paradise for those who cultivated the saber!

Chu Feng was already itching to rush into the mountains.

However, he was stopped by Number 2.

He said indifferently, “Leave these saber mountains here. You’ll have plenty of time to look at them if you want. Now, according to the request Elder Luo gave us before he left, the nine of us will lay a solid foundation for you in the first month. Each of us will take three days to teach you some simple cultivation experience and cultivation methods.”

“Therefore, I need to fully understand your saber techniques again.”

Chu Feng looked at the thin man before him. Battle intent burst forth from his eyes again. “Are we going to fight again?” Seeing how excited Chu Feng was, Number Two couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m not that useless No. 10. I won’t underestimate my enemy.”

Chu Feng grinned.

“Fighting with Senior No. 10 was just because I had no choice. I know that all the seniors have the intention to test me, so I have no choice but to fight! But fighting with you and discussing saber techniques with you is exactly what I want!”

Just as he finished speaking, No. 2 suddenly threw his head back and laughed.

“Haha, good kid, well said, ‘discussing saber techniques with me’! I’m suddenly interested in teaching you properly now.”

Chu Feng pursed his lips.

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Were you planning to fool me previously?

He could not be bothered to waste his breath.

he retracted his saber.

He pointed the blade forward.

Chu Feng suddenly gave up on all the additional power.

He did not use his bloodline power, his domain field, or any external force.

He was all alone.

Even though Chu Feng would not be able to unleash his full strength, Chu Feng did not care.

Because this was a battle of saber techniques.

Opposite him, Number Two glanced at Chu Feng in satisfaction. If Chu Feng were to unleash all sorts of amplification abilities again, although he did not care, he would still look down on Chu Feng. The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s saber was no longer pure!

Comprehending the saber required a pure heart.

Chu Feng held his blade and bowed respectfully.

The next moment, he took the initiative to attack.

He stepped forward with the saber in hand, and the blade flashed with a blinding light.

As there were no various amplifications, Chu Feng’s speed appeared to be somewhat slow. However, the blade in his hand became even more determined.

“The first stage of the Art of the Nine-wave Saber!”

At that instant, the speed of Chu Feng’s blade suddenly increased. It drew a beautiful curve in the air and slashed at Number Two.

As for No. 2, he merely raised the broad-bladed saber in his hand.

He easily blocked it. At the same time, he suddenly shouted, “Too slow! I maintain the same strength as you, but I can easily receive it because your saber is too slow! If I’m not wrong, your saber should be pursuing speed! Extreme speed! Cut off the enemy’s head before he can react! Your saber is far inferior! No! It doesn’t qualify! Again!”

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Chu Feng remained silent and listened attentively.

Suddenly, the saber technique changed again!

The second stage of the Art of the Nine-wave Saber!

At that moment, Chu Feng’s blade slowed down again. He raised it with difficulty, as if the blade weighed 500 kilograms! He slashed down with great difficulty.

Number Two did not dodge. He stood where he was and, with the same strength, received Chu Feng’s heavy saber, which was still accumulating power. He shook his head again.

“This move should be heavy! It should contain boundless power like the earth. Do you only know how to use your own strength to power it? Trash! Unqualified! Again!”

Chu Feng remained silent. The excitement in his eyes grew even stronger.

Wasn’t he here to improve himself?

Every word of the skinny young man in front of him enlightened him. He wished he could immediately savor the logic behind it.

In comparison, it was worth it to be scolded!

The blade spun again.

Third wave, Cloud Wave!

He had comprehended it from the rolling clouds at dusk. It was also the peak of Chu Feng’s saber techniques.

A sense of spatial chaos washed over him from the edge of his blade.

Only then did Number Two widen his eyes and look at Chu Feng with interest.

“Disorder? This slash is quite interesting, but it’s only passable!”

As he spoke, No. 2 suddenly raised the long saber in his hand.

It easily sent Chu Feng’s Cleaved Edge Saber flying.

The difference was too great.

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Then, Number Two’s voice could be heard.

“Watch carefully. I’ll show your saber technique to you!”

As he spoke, his saber moved with a majestic aura and murderous intent.

At that moment, Number Two seemed to have been born to kill.

“A saber is a weapon of slaughter! When a person strikes, he should be filled with killing intent. However, you have yet to comprehend Saber Force, so I won’t force you. Watch carefully. The first strike is a swift saber!”

The next moment, Chu Feng suddenly saw a scene that caused his eyes to split apart. Countless saber shadows were formed instantly. Even space trembled.

Strangely, it did not cause any commotion.

Chu Feng had no doubt that as long as Number Two used a bit more strength, this space would be shattered

“Remember, to swing a saber fast, the most basic thing is to grasp the direction of the wind and follow the veins of the wind to make it an extension of the saber, and not a resistance! Let the saber slash through the gaps in the wind!”

“Slash through the gaps in the wind? Impossible! How can there be gaps in the wind!”

Although Chu Feng was shocked, he was unable to understand why. But Number 2 did not give him much time to think.

The second slash came again. “This slash is about heaviness! It pursues extreme heaviness! It’s like a towering mountain pressing down, smashing the enemy flat! In the end, a man’s strength is limited, but heaven and earth will not! The earth will not! The ocean will not! You must learn to borrow strength…”

Chu Feng looked at the slash that had split the sky and earth apart and fell into deep thought.

Then came the third slash.

“The blade’s edge is in chaos! Time and space are in chaos! This slash is interesting. Watch carefully…”

The three slashes ended.

Before Chu Feng could say anything, Number Two turned around and left.

He only left a sentence behind.

“Go to Saber Mountain 32, 79, 128. There’s something you need there. There’s a monument in front of the mountain. You’ll know when you get there.”

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After a pause, he continued, “After seeing these three, if you still have the will and strength, go to Saber Mountain 9. Remember, don’t force it…”

Chu Feng took a glance at the departing Number Two.

However, there was no reaction at all.

He sat down on the ground. At that moment, his mind was filled with the stunning three slashes.

He was immersed in it.

From these three slashes, he suddenly understood something that no one in his previous life had taught him.

It was completely different, but it also had a deep meaning.

As for the mountains mentioned by Number Two, they could not run away. What was the rush?

Chu Feng fell into deep thought.

After half a day, he suddenly stood up.

He walked resolutely towards the mountains.

The mountains were far away.

The journey was bumpy. If Chu Feng used the Blazing Wings of the Sky, he could reach it quickly.

However, Chu Feng stubbornly faced the frightening blade aura and walked step by step toward the mountain peak before him.

Walking was also cultivation.

Fighting against the saber aura was training.

On a cliff in the distance, No. 2 took out a wine gourd from somewhere and gulped the liquor down.

He looked at Chu Feng’s somewhat thin and weak body as he walked on the rugged mountain road.

A satisfied smile appeared in his eyes.

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He muttered to himself, “Three Saber Mountains include three directions and three different techniques!

“I hope they’re of some use to you. What you’ll comprehend by observing the mountains yourself is always much better than what others can teach you directly.”

“Of course, you’ll have to rely on yourself for the things on Mountain 9. If you’re not lucky, then don’t force it…”


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